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How To Repair Cracked iPhone Back Glass And When Does It Need Replacing?

It’s an expensive sound when an iPhone gets dropped on a hard surface. Picking it up to discover a smashed screen or that a cracked iPhone back glass repair is needed can be frustrating. However, fixing it or getting an iPhone back replacement needn’t be.

Why does the iPhone back glass matter?

Ever since launching iPhone 8 Apple has replaced the back cover with glass. While this is shiny and sleek it also can be easily cracked, damaged, shattered or broken.

Broken iPhone back glass can cause a number of problems. Firstly, wireless charging may not work. The newer models of iPhone with back glass were built with wireless charging in mind. Powering up this way could be affected with damage to the back glass.

Secondly, water damage or liquids getting in to the iPhone, such as rain, become an issue. Liquids cause damage to the internal components and it can get worse over time. 

Thirdly, if the back glass is shattered or has spider web cracks then it can cut or cause damage to your fingers and hands. This is especially true when holding the phone or you have it to your ear.

Broken iPhone back glass is shattered and cracked.

Can cracked iPhone glass be fixed?

Repairing iPhone back glass is very tricky and depends on the extent of the damage. We would always recommend an iPhone back glass replacement to guarantee that wireless charging will work, no water will be able to enter the phone and that there won’t be any damage from cuts to your hands.

Where can I get an iPhone back glass replacement?

If you have AppleCare then this should be the first solution to try. Some AppleCare plans won’t cover back glass replacement, but those that do will significantly reduce the cost.

If you don’t have AppleCare or it has expired then a specialist iPhone repair shop like Tech Resolvers will replace the back glass for you. What’s more, they can also run diagnostic tests to tell you the extent of the damage and if there have been any other knock-on effects from dropping the phone.

Why you should avoid DIY iPhone back glass repair

Repairing the back glass yourself should be avoided. On many models the glass is glued in and requires a trained expert to remove it without damaging the internal components or camera. This is especially true on the iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 models.

Attempting a DIY iPhone back glass repair should therefore not be considered and left to the professionals.

Professional iPhone back glass repair

The best way to troubleshoot iPhone back glass repair is to bring your handset to a professional. Tech Resolvers can repair iPhone back glass and have warranties of up to 12 months on all parts. Therefore, you can rest assured that your iPhone is in good hands. 

A new iPhone back glass repair looking sleek and shiny.

How much does an iPhone back glass replacement cost?

The iPhone back glass replacement price depends on the model. This can be as little as £50 for an iPhone 8, which makes using a professional to do the job good value for money. Even on newer iPhone models the back glass replacement cost is significantly less than the Apple Store.

See our latest prices by selecting your iPhone model from the list of handsets we fix.

A range of iPhone protective cases.

How to prevent the need for an iPhone back glass replacement

There are a few options to try. Firstly, a good protective case will mitigate and often avoid damage.

Secondly, why not try tempered back glass? Tempered glass is popular to protect the front iPhone screen. However, tempered rear glass can also prevent damage to the back.

How to ensure the best iPhone back glass replacement

Getting your new back glass from a professional repair shop is both affordable and ensures the handset will look good and function properly. Come and see us in our iPhone back glass replacement Norwich shop which is located in Earlham West Centre or book online.

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