An iPhone repair Norwich screen replacement job in our shop.

iPhone Repair Norwich Service That Can Change Screen, Battery, Charging Port, Fix Water Damage and More!

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Using our iPhone repair Norwich service to get your handset or screen fixed is quick, easy and simple. Just follow these three steps to get an iPhone screen repair, new battery or anything else:

  1. View the list of iPhones that we fix.
  2. Select your iPhone
  3. Either book online or pop in to our Norwich iPhone repair shop at a time that’s convenient for you.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 so what are you waiting for?


The Complete iPhone Repair Norwich Service

We’ve conducted thousands of iPhone repair Norwich jobs and we’re certainly ready to help you! What’s more, all of our customers benefit from:

Mobile iPhone Repair Norwich and Norfolk

Whatever fault you have with your iPhone our team can certainly help. We’re experts at fixing all manner of iPhone problems. What’s more, our mobile iPhone repair Norwich and Norfolk service have you covered across the county. So, we can help restore your handset to full working order wherever you are.

Among the iPhone problems we fix are:

So, whatever you require, we can fix it for you. Our friendly team helps thousands of customers across Norwich and Norfolk every day. We do this through our shop in Earlham, supplemented by our fix by post service and our collect to repair team. So, wherever you are in the city or across the county, our iPhone repair Norwich and Norfolk team is here for you.

Our broken iPhone screen repair Norwich service was able to fix this highly shattered phone.

The iPhone Screen Repair Norwich Experts

A cracked, shattered or broken iPhone screen can certainly be frustrating and annoying. So, let our iPhone screen repair Norwich experts replace it for you.

As a result, a brand new screen will give you a crystal clear display. Furthermore, all of the touch functionalities that make iPhone so special will be restored.

iPhone Screen Replacement That Suits You

Wherever you are our team can help at a place and time that suits you. In this way you our iPhone screen repair Norwich team is flexible for your needs. So, whether you are at home, the office or just want to pop in to our shop, we can get your phone back working again with minimal disruption to your day.

A change iPhone screen replacement shop job to fit a new LCD display.

Why Should I Replace an iPhone Screen?

A dropped or damaged iPhone screen should be replaced for four reasons.

Firstly, a cracked iPhone screen can allow dust and debris in to the handset. Over time this can certainly cause issues to the internal components of the phone.

Secondly, a damaged iPhone screen may lose some or all of its functionality. So many actions rely on the touchscreen being fully operational that broken glass can render some functions useless.

Thirdly, the screen may not be entirely visible. Dead spots, weird lines and more types of screen distortion can affect how much or little of the screen is clearly visible.

Finally, broken screen glass can cause damage to your fingers. Little nicks and cuts to your fingers can occur when using an iPhone with shattered glass.

How Long Does A Change iPhone Screen Repair Take?

A skilled technician can conduct a change iPhone screen repair in less than 30 minutes. This includes fitting the new screen and testing the phone to make sure that it is fully operational.

A new iPhone screen in our Norwich shop fitted and working for a customer.

iPhone Battery Replacement Norwich

We don’t just carry out iPhone screen replacement Norwich jobs. We also repair all manner of parts. For example, our iPhone battery replacement can certainly increase the time between having to charge up again.

iPhone battery dying or losing charge quickly? We can look at the battery’s health and give it a free diagnostic check. If the battery needs replacing then we can also do this for you as well. Our iPhone repair Norwich team are experts with years of experience.

How Long Does An iPhone Battery Replacement Take?

A new iPhone battery will certainly put the power back in your smartphone. What’s more, the whole process of installing the new battery can be done on the same day that the phone is seen.

An iPhone battery replacement Norwich shop job to fit a new unit.

Fix iPhone Water Damage And More

Spilling water or dropping your shiny new iPhone in the swimming pool can be a scary moment. However, our fix iPhone water damage Norwich service can come to the rescue.

We have years of experience of fixing water-damaged iPhones and bringing them back to life. The key is to have the phone seen as quickly as possible. So, bring the phone in to our shop or have it collected and we’ll do the rest.

Same Day Norwich iPhone Repair

We carry hundreds of parts in stock so we can usually conduct our iPhone repair Norwich jobs on the same day the handset is seen. We also offer long warranties as well so that you can be assured with peace of mind that high quality and original parts are used.

Tech Resolvers iPhone Repair Norwich

Some popular models we frequently fix include the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6s from this popular range. We see a great number of iPhone 7 screen repair jobs in our shop as well as iPhone 7 Plus models that need fixing.

What’s more, the iPhone 8 and its big brother iPhone 8 Plus are also frequently fixed in our store. The iPhone X as well as the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS along with the iPhone XS Max remain popular and we always have parts in stock to fix these smartphones.

Furthermore, the iPhone 11 is now also starting to need new parts, as well as the iPhone 11 Pro and elder sibling the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Customers like the iPhone 12 and the range with the iPhone 12 Pro and also the iPhone 12 Pro Max requiring fixing. What’s more the iPhone 13 series of smartphones equally are in need of servicing. Both the iPhone 13 Pro and furthermore the iPhone 13 Pro Max also are frequent visitors to our Norwich repair shop.

Younger siblings iPhone 12 Mini and consequently the iPhone 13 Mini also see plenty of servicing and new parts from our team.

Tech Resolvers mobile phone repair Norwich shop front.

Use Our Apple iPhone Repair Norwich Shop Or Collection Service

If you need iPhone repair Norwich City Centre or Magdalen Street then our shop is convenient for you. Our store is located at 20 Earlham West Centre, Norwich NR5 8AD so we are easy to find. We have free parking nearby and can offer you tea or coffee if you want to wait. We’re often recognised as one of the best iPhone repair Norwich shops around.

In addition to our shop, we have a collect to repair service. So, wherever you are in Norwich, we can come to you, collect your phone and repair it before returning it. Super convenient, especially when time is of the essence.

You can book our collect to repair service online. Just select your phone and the type of repair. Once you are at the checkout, just select our collection service.

iPhone Repair Norwich Prices

Our iPhone repair Norwich prices are some of the lowest around. We are considerably cheaper than most repair shops and the Apple store. We use genuine or high quality parts that come with up to 12 months warranty for peace of mind. You can choose which when repairing your iPhone.

We’ll always give you an iPhone repair Norwich cost when you bring your handset in. Therefore you’ll know how much it’ll be to fix your iPhone in advance. You can check our latest prices in our online store to see how we compare.

Helping customers across the city

We also help customers that are searching for iPhone repair Norwich Castle Mall to fix their phones as well. We are located just a short car or taxi ride away from Norwich city centre near the University of East Anglia. Furthermore, if you are using public transport, the number 21 and 22 buses stop directly outside our shop.

iPhone Repair Norwich Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my iPhone repair take?

Most iPhone repair jobs can be conducted on the same day the phone is seen. iPhone screen repair jobs can usually be done within the hour, often in under 30-minutes.

Do you charge to assess the problem?

No, we offer a free diagnostic test and inform you of the results along with a quote to fix the problem. You can then decide if you wish to proceed with the repair or not.

Do your iPhone repairs come with a warranty?

Yes all parts come with a warranty that covers them for up to 12-months. You can see our warranty information for periods covered after installation of new parts. Accidental damage or liquid damage is not covered by this warranty.

Can you do same day call out repairs?

Yes we can often offer our collect to repair service on the same day that the phone needs fixing.

Can I post my phone to you for repair?

Absolutely. Our iPhone repair by post service will be perfect for you. Follow these instructions to post your phone to us.

Do you only offer iPhone repairs in Norwich?

No, we can also offer iPad repair in Norwich or fix an Android phone, computer, games console and more. Give us a try!

Book A Norwich iPhone Repair Now

Whether you require a cheap iPhone screen repair Norwich shop, a new battery, charging port or anything else we can certainly help. We’re one of the best Norwich iPhone repair shops around. See our Google reviews page or check out and furthermore our Cylex profile to see how our customers rate us.

Pop in to our shop or book your repair online to get your iPhone fixed fast!

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Steven Whitear
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Jonathan Knights
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