Repair by Post

Tablet, laptop, console and mobile phone repair by post

Use our mail-in phone repair service to get your mobile, tablet, console or laptop quickly fixed. Whether it is a cracked screen replacement, new battery or to remedy a faulty charging port, our repair by post service can certainly help.

Mail-in phone repair

If you can’t get to our shop or use our call-out service then why not have your tablet or mobile phone repaired by post? You’ll still get the same access to our skilled repairers. What’s more, you’ll also get the convenience of your device being returned straight back to you, wherever you are.

Post your tablet or phone to us for a fast, professional repair with return delivery

Tech Resolvers fix a vast array of tablets, phones, laptops and consoles. From Apple iPad and iPhone repairs to sorting out a Samsung, Huawei, LG, Oppo, OnePlus, Google Pixel, Nokia, Motorola, Honor, Xiaomi or Sony device, we certainly have you covered.

Our postal service can therefore help you with a mail-in iPhone screen repair, new Samsung Galaxy battery or to fix a Huawei camera and lens. What’s more, your device will be sent back to you after the repair is complete by fully tracked First Class post.

Why choose us for postal phone repairs?

Great prices

Fast service

Peace of mind


How to use our repair by post service

  1. Book your mail order repair through our website (give us your pass code from the checkout step).
  2. Post your device to us (20 Earlham West Centre, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 8AD, United Kingdom). Make sure to use a fully tracked and insured service.
  3. We’ll notify you that we’ve received your device and will repair it.
  4. We post your device back to you via a tracked and insured service.

Ready to use our quick and convenient mail-in repair service?

Get started with our tablet, laptop, console and mobile phone repair by post service to fix your device fast.

Steven Whitear
Steven Whitear
Exactly what was needed! Very professional, very quick!
Jonathan Knights
Jonathan Knights
Good service, they diagnosed there was no fault with my wife's mobile with no repair required. It would have been easy for them to claim the battery needed replacing at a cost but they didn't.
Tracey Gardiner
Tracey Gardiner
Really quick and reasonable
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