How to identify which PS4 you have so that you can get a repair.

What PS4 Do I Have? How To Identify Which Console Model You Own

The PlayStation 4 is one of the best selling games consoles of all time. The PlayStation is an incredibly popular and a machine that we fix in great numbers in our shop. However, when in need of a repair, you first need to know the PS4 model. Therefore may ask yourself the question what PS4 do I have? Read on for a full break down of how to find which PS4 model you own.

The release of the PlayStation 5 has meant that a lot of people have sold their PS4. As a result, there are a vast number of these Sony consoles changing hands, and often in need of repair.

A Guide To Identifying PS4 Models

Identifying the PS4 model is quite easy if you still have the original box or literature that came with the console. However, if you don’t, we’ll provide you with the key differences between the three models so that you can identify which PS4 you own.

The 3 PS4 Models

There are three main models of PS4 and here’s how to tell the difference between them.

PS4 Original

The PS4 Original was launched in 2013 and took the market by storm. However, the launch of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models meant the 500k RAM version was withdrawn after 2 years to leave the 1TB option.

PS4 Slim

The PS4 Slim is the most common Sony PlayStation model. The console has sold nearly double the number of the other two machines. Therefore the Slim is the model that we see the most of when conducting PS4 repair in our Norwich shop.

PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro was released shortly after the PS4 Slim. This model is the easiest to identify as only one version of it was ever released.

How To Identify Which PlayStation 4 You Have

If you don’t have the original box or literature for your PS4 then visually we can start to tell which model you have.

How To Identify the PS4 Original

The PS4 original had two tiers on top of each other, both of equal height.

How to identity the PS4 Original games console from the two tiers of equal height.

How To Identify the PS4 Slim

The PS4 Slim also has two tiers, but the height of each differs. The top tier is the thinnest and so consequently the bottom tier is much thicker.

How to identity the PS4 Slim games console from the two tiers of unequal height.

How To Identify the PS4 Pro

Finally, the PS4 Pro has three tiers that make up the console. Therefore it’s the easiest PS4 model to identify compared to the others.

How to identity the PS4 Pro games console from its three tiers of equal height.

Now that you have identified which of the three PlayStation 4 models you own, you can tell the type of console within the range.

PS4 Original Sub-Models

The PS4 Original was made in five different sub-types, which can be identified from the number on the back of the console.

CUH-10 is the launch console with 500GB of hard drive storage space.

CUH-11 featured an updated WLAN transceiver. Sony couldn’t resolve this with a software update on the original model and so released this version.

CUH11- 1TB was a 1TB hard drive version of this model of the PS4 Original.

CUH-12 operated on lower power and was lighter than the previous two versions.

CUH12-1TB was a 1TB hard drive version of this model to double the storage space.

PS4 Slim Sub-Models

The PS4 Slim only had one sub-model within the range of consoles. Therefore it’s easy to tell which PS4 Slim model you own. The only difference between the consoles on sale in this model was that there were 500GB and 1TB hard drive versions.

PS4 Pro Sub-Models

The PS4 Pro also only had one model so it’s easy to know which PlayStation 4 console you have. Special models were released with different artwork on the case, but these only vary on the outside.

The PS4 Pro was the only console amongst the three that offered 4k support and thus has a better processor inside.

Your PS4 Norwich repair service

Now that you know which PS4 you have it makes it easy to get it fixed and see the cost of repairs on our website.

We can help fix common PS4 problems such as a faulty HDMI port, PS4 overheating, fan issues, blue light of death, red line of death and many more.

If you need a PS4 repair Norwich service then talk to us, pop in to our shop or check out our prices online if you know the parts you need. If you don’t know what’s needed then let us have a look or run a free diagnostic test. In this way we can help get the problem quickly sorted for you

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