PS4 problem Blue Light Of Death reflected on the Sony console controller.

PS4 Not Working? Here’s How To Fix The Most Common PS4 Problems

The PlayStation 4 has sold in its millions worldwide and remains as popular as ever. However, as the machine ages then it can develop issues. Some of the most common PS4 problems are easily solved. Therefore, here’s how to fix some of these issues if your PS4 is not working.

Common PS4 Problems

There are a number of common PS4 problems that we regularly see in our Norwich repair shop. These issues include overheating, damaged or broken HDMI ports, a malfunctioning hard drive or blinking lights. Furthermore, the “Blue Light Of Death” and “Red Line Of Death” are serious PS4 problems that we have a good history of overcoming.

How to fix a broken HDMI port

A broken PS4 HDMI port is a very common issue. The reason for this is that the pins can often get bent or snapped when inserting or removing the HDMI cable. Luckily, a professional with the correct tools easily does a PS4 fix HDMI port repair. Simply choose your PS4 model and select HDMI Port Replacement to get it fixed.

How much does it cost to fix PS4 HDMI port?

The cost to fix an HDMI port starts at £55 on the original PS4 console. If other parts are need, such as the HDMI encoder IC chip, then you’ll be informed so that you can decide if a repair is necessary.

How do I know if my PS4 hard drive is broken?

A malfunctioning PS4 hard drive can be a very frustrating issue. If you are seeing problems such as excessive overheating, repeated read or write disk errors, crashing, freezing, unable to access files or suffering disappearing data then the PS4 hard drive could well be broken.

How much does it cost to replace a PS4 hard drive?

In order to fix it, we will need to run a diagnostic test on the hard drive. If faulty, a hard drive replacement can cost as little as £60 to fit a new 500GB unit or £70 for a 1TB version on the PS4 original or PS4 Slim. A 1TB hard drive for the PS4 Pro costs around £70 including fitting.

If you don’t know which version of the PlayStation 4 you have then consult our useful guide.

How to identity the PS4 Slim games console from the two tiers of unequal height.

What is the PS4 Blue Light Of Death?

The infamous “Blue Light Of Death” is seen when the video output fails. As a result, the PS4 switches itself off. Finding the cause is tricky as it could be from the power cable, hard drive or even corroded solder joints on the PS4 logic board.

What does the Blue Light Of Death look like?

The PS4 Blue Light Of Death is a blinking light in the centre of the console. Usually it is a solid colour, but when it fails then it blinks on and off.

How To Fix The Blue Light Of Death

Finding the root cause of the Blue Light Of Death is an investigative process. The issue could be hardware or software related so it is important that all avenues are explored.

The problem is best fixed by running diagnostic tests on the PS4 console in order to find the issue. In this way we have the best chance of saving the console and getting it back up and running.

PS4 problem Red Line Of Death reflected on the Sony console controller.

What is the PS4 Red Line Of Death?

The PS4 Red Line Of Death is another serious issue that is quite common. The Red Line Of Death sees the indicator light repeatedly flashing before the PS4 console shuts down.

How to fix the Red Line Of Death

The Red Line Of Death relates to the PS4 overheating. Therefore, the console shuts itself down so that it can cool.

If this happens infrequently with your PS4 console then it should just be used on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area. However, if this is a regular occurrence then the console should be brought in to a repair shop for a full diagnostic test. Common repairs include a new fan or thermal paste, but a professional PS4 repair technician will be able to tell you the root cause.

How to fix the most common PS4 problems overall

The PS4 is a much-loved console and one that we fix very regularly in our Norwich repair shop. We can solve many common PS4 problems and remedy most issues why the PS4 is not working. So, whether you need a PS4 overheating fix, PS4 fixing near me, PS4 HDMI repair, servicing for PS4, PS4 fan replacement or anything else, get in touch today.

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