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Common Nintendo Switch repairs And How Much It Should Cost To Fix Them

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The Nintendo Switch is certainly one of the most popular handheld games consoles around. However, it can develop problems or require new parts as it ages. So, what are some of the most common Nintendo Switch repairs that we fix in our Norwich shop?

1. Joy-Con Drift Repair

Joy-Con drift is a common issue where the analogue sticks on the Joy-Con controllers register movement even when not being touched.

The issue can also present itself after a year or two of quite heavy usage. The number of cases of joy-con Controller drift is therefore quite high. This problem is thus the number one issue we fix in our Nintendo Switch repair shop.

To fix Joy-Con drift, you can try the following steps:

  1. Remove your Joy-Con from the body of the Switch.
  2. Go to “System Settings“.
  3. Scroll to and select “Controllers and Sensors”.
  4. Select “Calibrate Control Sticks”.
  5. Then press down on the control stick for the controller you want to calibrate.
  6. Press the “X Button” to start calibration and follow the on-screen instructions.

If this does not solve the problem then you can try the following:

If the issue of Joy-Con Drift persists then get in touch with our Nintendo Switch repair Norwich shop team.

Fix Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift controller in our Norwich shop.

2. Screen Replacement

The Nintendo Switch can sometimes get broken through general use. However, the screen can also get scratched when inserting the Nintendo Switch back in to the dock. If the console s not completely straight then the two sidebars of the dock can cause  scuffs. A Nintendo Switch screen replacement can then be needed as a result.

Pixel death is another cause of many Nintendo Switch screen repairs that we carry out. Pixel death occurs when the Switch is left running in the dock for an extended period. Heat therefore builds up and can leave small blue and green imperfect spots.

If the Nintendo Switch screen is cracked or damaged, it may need to be replaced by a professional engineer. Our team can conduct a Nintendo Switch screen replacement with options that start from around £60 on both the Switch and the Switch Lite.

Do not attempt to repair or replace the Nintendo Switch screen yourself as it requires technical knowledge and expertise. In this way you’ll avoid damaging your Switch further.

A Nintendo Switch screen replacement Norwich shop job to fit a new digitiser.

3. Battery Replacement

The third most common Nintendo Switch repair that we see is a battery replacement.

Batteries have limited lifespans and can therefore only be charged for a finite number of cycles. If your Nintendo Switch battery is not holding charge or draining quickly, you may need to replace it. A Nintendo Switch battery replacement will therefore fit a new unit in your console

Replacing the battery yourself requires technical knowledge and may also void the warranty. Therefore we recommend using a professional that can do a Nintendo Switch battery replacement for you.

A Nintendo Switch battery replacement should cost around £80 in the UK. This price should include fitting the new battery by a professional engineer. Search for your Nintendo Switch model in our online repairs shop.

4. Charging Port Repair

Another fault that we regularly see is for a Nintendo Switch charging port replacement. If your Nintendo Switch is not charging or the charging port is damaged, you can try these steps:

If your switch charging port currently needs a bit of a wiggle to get it to work then this will lead to further issues down the line. The charging point will become even more bent out of shape over time as a result.

The problem can be solved with a Nintendo Switch charging port repair for around £55 in the UK. A brand new charging port will be fitted. Therefore there’ll be no need to wiggle the cable in order to get the Switch to charge.

A Nintendo Switch charging port replacement now charges the console whilst in the docking station.

5. MicroSD Card Slot Repair

If the microSD card slot on your Nintendo Switch is not working properly, follow these steps:

If you require a Nintendo Switch game card reader replacement then the price is around £100 in the UK. This repair should include fitting the new part by an expert Nintendo Switch repairs engineer.

6. System Software Update/Repair

If your Nintendo Switch is experiencing software-related issues, you can try these solutions:

7. Button Replacement

It’s not uncommon for the buttons on the Switch to get stuck or stop working. If any buttons on your Nintendo Switch are not working correctly, you can consider these options:

A Nintendo Switch button replacement fixes a sticking keypad.

8. Overheating/Cooling Fan Repair

If your Nintendo Switch is overheating or the cooling fan is not functioning properly, you can try to see if the vents on the Switch are not blocked and are clean from dust or debris.

If the vents are clear then you may have a a problem wit the cooling fan not working. A free diagnostic test by us can confirm what is happening. If you need a Nintendo Switch cooling fan replacement then the cost is around £60 in the UK. A new cooling fan will be fitted and get the Switch back working again as a result of this repair.

9. Speaker or Headphone Jack Repair

A further problem we commonly see when conducting Nintendo Switch repairs in our Norwich shop is with the speakers or headphone jack.

If the speakers or headphone jack on your Nintendo Switch are not working, try cleaning them with a soft brush. Ensure there is no debris lodged inside during cleaning.

A Nintendo Switch speaker replacement costs around £70 in the UK. This price should include a new speaker and fitting by a professional engineer.

10. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

If your Nintendo Switch is experiencing connectivity problems, you can try these solutions:

If none of these solutions work to fix your Nintendo Switch Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity issue then get in touch. Our Nintendo Switch repairs Norwich shop can run a free diagnostic test to discover what is wrong.

The most common Nintendo Switch repairs conclusion

We see a number of common Nintendo Switch repairs in our Norwich shop with the most frequent being Joy-Con drift, a screen replacement, new battery or charging port. However, we also see other repairs as well that we can equally help our customers with.

If you need a Nintendo Switch repair then talk to us and get a free quote with no obligation to go ahead. If you know what you need you can book your repair online. What’s more, you can see our prices on our dedicated pages for both the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite model.

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