It is worth fixing an iPhone 7 so that it is as good as new and works properly.

Is it worth fixing an iPhone 7 and what are the costs of repair?

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Launched in 2016, the iPhone 7 was Apple’s first water-resistant handset and the younger sibling of the iPhone 7 Plus. Furthermore, it had the iPhone’s first quad-core processor and pair of stereo speakers, whilst also controversially removing the headphone jack. However, is it worth fixing an iPhone 7 today and what are the costs of repair?

Is it worth fixing an iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 is still a very reliable handset. Whilst not running the latest version of iOS it still is fairly fast and can cope with most apps and tasks. What’s more, the cost of repairs is fairly cheap when compared to the newest Apple iPhones in the range.

Broken iPhone 7 screen repair

The most frequent fix we see in our Norwich iPhone repair shop for the iPhone 7 is the screen. A smashed, cracked or broken iPhone 7 screen can occur through dropping the phone and it is possible that the damage could wreak havoc on the handset. Dust and dirt particles can get in to the phone; water can easily penetrate it, whilst the screen may also cut your fingers.

Furthermore, the screen may be blank or have weird lines appearing on it as the LCD has been damaged. Therefore, a new LCD screen is required to restore the iPhone back to its best.

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone 7 screen?

A new iPhone 7 screen replacement starts at around £60 for a brand new LCD display. The price should include removal of the old screen and changing it for a new one by a skilled engineer.

Can I DIY fix a scratched iPhone screen with toothpaste?

There are many YouTube videos out there showing how to fix a scratched iPhone 7 screen. These include using toothpaste or baking soda. Whilst this may work for minor scratches and scuffs, cracked, smashed or broken screens will need to be replaced.

An iPhone 7 screen replacement repair to fit a new display that is crystal clear.

How about battery life problems?

The iPhone 7 came with a 1960mAh Li-ion battery. This unit had more power than its predecessors, however, in today’s market it often needs replacing due to poor battery health.

Fitting a new iPhone 7 battery is a job we often conduct in our Norwich iPhone repair shop. The whole process of an iPhone 7 battery replacement is easily done. What’s more, a new battery can help you avoid you having to set the phone to low power mode or turning off background app refresh to stop using too much power.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 7 battery?

iPhone 7 battery replacement cost starts at around £35 for a brand new power unit. The repair can be conducted in under an hour by a skilled technician with the correct tools.

An iPhone 7 battery replacement repair to fit a new power unit in the Apple handset.

iPhone 7 charging port not working?

We often get customers in our repair shop asking “why is my charging port not working?”

Sometimes the answer is that the charging cable is damaged, faulty or needs to be replaced. Furthermore, the charging port itself may just need a clean out as dust and debris can collect in here. However, if the charging port is loose, wobbles or the cable needs to be inserted at an angle then it will need replacing.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone 7 charging port?

The iPhone 7 charging port replacement cost is around £45 for a brand new one. This repair price should include fitting by a professional and skilled iPhone engineer.

Fix iPhone 7 water damage

Water and other liquids can get inside the iPhone and cause damage. Dropping or submersing the phone in water can have many issues and it is a problem we see in our Norwich shop.

How to check for water damage

Although water-resistant, you can check if your iPhone 7 has water damage by looking at the indicator in the sim-card tray. If the indicator has turned red then it is likely that your iPhone 7 has some water damage as a result of the dunking or drenching it took.

Try drying the phone by removing all loose parts like the sim tray. Online solutions like putting the phone in rice or using a hairdryer can cause more damage to the phone. This damage can be through excessive heat or rice-dust entering the iPhone.

Water-damaged iPhones can short circuit, so we recommend getting a diagnostic test done by a professional iPhone repair shop to assess the damage.

Where to get an iPhone 7 fixed?

Our Apple iPhone repair Norwich team have completed thousands of jobs and are certainly ready to help.

We are one of the most popular iPhone repair Norwich shops with many happy customers. Alternatively, book online through our website and choose whether to pop in to our shop, use our postal or collection services.

Is it worth fixing an iPhone 7 overall

The iPhone 7 is still a good phone and can work for a lot of people. The phone won’t run the latest version of Apple’s operating system. However, you should still update to the latest iPhone iOS version that it can run. One of the bonuses of this handset is that the costs of repair are not excessive at all. Therefore it is worth fixing an iPhone 7 if you are using this handset in your daily life.

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