A check iPhone battery health diagnostic test investigation to find out its condition.

How To Check iPhone Battery Health And Performance

Our phones are such a major part of our lives. However, it’s the performance of the battery that is a big factor in being able to use them all day. That’s why knowing how to check iPhone battery health and performance can tell you when it’s right to replace it.

To learn how to check iPhone battery health, simple follow these steps.

How To See iPhone Battery Health Level?

  1. Firstly, open the “Settings” app on the iPhone.
  2. Next scroll down to find the “Battery” option.
  3. Thirdly, select the “Battery Health and Charging” option.
  4. Finally, you’ll see the “Maximum Capacity” level of your iPhone battery.

The check iPhone battery health menu location in the settings app.

The maximum capacity level will tell you what kind of shape your iPhone battery is in. The level could mean that it is time for an iPhone battery replacement or not.

The iPhone uses a lithium-ion battery. These units charge faster, last longer and have more battery life.

Following a check iPhone battery health diagnostic test a new replacement unit has been fitted.

How much battery health is good for an iPhone?

In general a maximum iPhone battery capacity of 80% is deemed as healthy. A battery that has plenty of capacity will be able to go longer between charges. What’s more, it can handle those power hungry video and gaming apps that can sap battery power.

Apple says that a new iPhone battery is designed to retain up to 80% power after 500 charging cycles. Therefore this should give you an idea of when it is time to replace it.

At What Percentage Should I Change My iPhone Battery?

Once the maximum capacity dips below the 80% level then it is really time for an iPhone battery replacement. Seek the help of a qualified technician to help you do this, such as our Tech Resolvers iPhone repair Norwich shop.

Once the battery health falls below 80% then a feature called “Performance Management” may be applied. This feature tries to prevent unexpected shutdowns or power loss.

What is Peak Performance Capability?

Peak Performance Capability simply means that the iPhone battery health is good. If everything is as it should be there should be no message here.

Should I Turn On Optimised Battery Charging?

The “Optimised Battery Charging” option is a good way to reduce battery ageing and enhance its life. Your iPhone will learn from your daily usage when to charge past 80% and thus your battery stays healthier for longer.

A new iPhone battery replacement carried out in our Norwich shop.

How And Where To Get An iPhone Battery Replacement In Norwich

If the iPhone battery health is below 80% or you get a message that reads: “Your battery’s health has significantly degraded” then it is certainly time to get an iPhone battery replacement.

Changing iPhone battery is easy if you live in Norwich or across Norfolk. Our Tech Resolvers shop or collect to repair service can help you with an iPhone battery replacement in Norwich.

We can help with fully testing your iPhone battery and subsequently replacing it if needs be. We conduct a full diagnostic test on your battery to determine its condition. We can change iPhone battery on any Apple handset from iPhone 4 to iPhone 14 just select your iPhone from the available models or use our search facility to find your handset.

If you require help to identify what iPhone model you have then pop in to our Norwich shop or use our quick and handy guide. In our Norwich repair shop we also do other repairs and help with tips and tricks for iPhone. Therefore, we can show you how to set up a virtual home button, do a hard reset or to take a screenshot on an iPhone.

For an iPhone battery replacement or to check your iPhone battery health in our Norwich shop, give us a call or get in touch today.

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