The hard reset iPhone restart screen.

How To Hard Reset An iPhone

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An iPhone reset can help save the day. Maybe your iPhone has become stuck on a screen, frozen on a menu and thus unresponsive. Therefore, the best fix to try is an Apple iPhone reset. Both soft and hard iPhone reset are available. So, when should we use each method?

There are three types of iPhone reset that we can run. These are soft and hard reset as well as restoring from an iCloud backup.

How to soft reset an iPhone

The soft reset of an iPhone is just simply the case of turning it off and back on again. This method gives the iPhone a chance to reboot and perform a background system check.

The soft iPhone reset can help rectify minor system glitches or crashes. Furthermore, it often solves Wi-Fi problems or issues such as being unable to open the camera app. For example, it is well known that iPhone 5 and iPhone SE can suffer with camera app issues.

How to hard reset an iPhone

Alternatively, there is the iPhone hard reset. This method forces the iPhone to shut down even if it has frozen and cannot be switched off.

Hard resetting an iPhone can be a useful solution to fix various issues, such as frozen screens or unresponsiveness.

A hard reset varies by iPhone model. Here’s a guide on how to hard reset different models of iPhones:

For iPhone 8 or Later Models:

iPhone 7 or 7 Plus:

iPhone 6s and earlier models:

Hard resetting your iPhone can help resolve software glitches and restore the device to normal functionality. It’s always recommended to back up your data before performing a hard reset.

Hard reset vs soft reset?

The hard and soft iPhone reset are the two main methods available to you to restart your handset. They are a quick fix that solves most issues with your Apple phone.

Whether to perform a hard or soft reset depends on the nature of the glitch and whether your iPhone has become unresponsive. Try a soft reset first and if this fails try a hard iPhone reset instead.

However, if both hard and soft reset fail, there is a third option you can try. This is to restore from an iCloud backup.

A factory reset iPhone startup screen shows the Apple logo.

How to restore an iPhone from an iCloud backup

Your iPhone frequently stores its data in iCloud. In this way, you can restore the most recent backup from when your iPhone was functioning properly.

Where to check the latest iCloud Backup

Firstly, make sure you have updated to the latest version of iOS for your iPhone model. You can check the last iCloud backup by heading to: ”Settings  > iCloud” on your iPhone. Here you can check the most recent backup and if it is useable.

If you don’t have a recent backup and want to make one, then you can do so in “Manage Storage > Backup”. However, be aware that you may carry over the issue that has caused the iPhone to crash, freeze or become unresponsive. Therefore, proceed with caution.

How to wipe the iPhone

After confirming that you have a useable backup in iCloud, you can wipe the iPhone.

To wipe the iPhone, go to: “Settings > General”. In this menu find: “Reset > Erase All Content and Settings”.

Enter your passcode and the iPhone will begin to delete all content and reset itself to the factory settings.

The iPhone erase settings menu screen to perform a factory reset of the Apple handset.

How to setup the iPhone from iCloud

Once the process to erase the iPhone has completed it is now time to restore the iCloud backup.

Go through the setup process just as if you were starting with a brand-new iPhone. When prompted, enter your iCloud username and password, followed by selecting “Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup”.

Select the backup that you want to restore. We recommend choosing one from before the issues occurred. Your iPhone will now restore the iCloud backup which can take some time depending on how much data you have and your Wi-Fi connection speed.

What to do if you are having trouble resetting your iPhone

If you have tried both a soft and hard iPhone reset without any luck, then what can you do? Fortunately, help is on hand with our iPhone repair Norwich shop. We can help with a free diagnostic test to identify the issue. Furthermore, we can give you a price to fix the problem. Pop by our Tech Resolvers Norwich shop or contact us online to get started.

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